Guild news, October 2016

New members

Welcome to our newest members: Bruno Schafer, Jako Malan, and Stephen Coglan! In addition, welcome Sean and Andrew Rabbitt–perhaps better known as Rabbit Valley–to the FWG as associates! If you’re not a member of the Guild and you’d like more information about joining, read our membership guidelines.

Member news

Tor Books has bought the sequel to Lawrence M. Schoen’s Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard. In addition, Les Editions de L’Instant has bought the French language translation rights for Barsk.

Thurston Howl Publications released Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves, the third edition of their charity anthology in support of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. It includes works by, among others, Alice Dryden, Amy Fontaine, Renee Carter Hall, Bill Kieffer, BanWynn Oakshadow, Frances Pauli, and Televassi.

Madison Keller’s Flower’s Fang is now available as an audiobook.

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt’s short story “In the Days of the Witch-Queens,” originally published in the Menagerie of Heroes charity anthology, is now available as a 99¢ ebook on Amazon.

Fred Patten published a large article on The State of Furry Publishing on Dogpatch Press.

New markets

  • Speaking of Lawrence Schoen, his press, Paper Golem LLC, is accepting submissions of novellas (20,000 to 40,000 words) for the fourth volume of the novella anthology series Alembical. Submission guidelines.

For ongoing markets previously covered but still open (and occasionally, open in the future), visit the FWG web site:

Remember to keep an eye on the Calls for Submissions thread on the forum, as well as other posts on the Publishing and Marketing forum.

Furry Book Month!

October is Furry Book Month! The Furry Writers’ Guild has joined forces with some of our fandom’s great authors and publishers to offer special deals during the month. Visit the Furry Book Month page for more details and links to deals, talk about the books you’re reading on the FWG Forum, and make sure to leave a review of what you’re reading on Amazon or Goodreads—it really helps! Follow along on social media with the tag #FurryBookMonth.

Odds and ends

The Tuesday Coffeehouse Chats continue to take place on the FWG Slack channel, while the Thursday chats continue to take place on the shoutbox. There’s some discussion of moving the Thursday chats, too, or going to just one chat a week—if you’d like to weigh in, visit the forum. Visit the forum anyway.

As usual, we’d like to keep recruiting you to the FWG Goodreads group: add things to our members’ bookshelf (see the instructions here on how to do that), start conversations, indoctrinate people.

The FWG blog desperately needs more love. If you would like to love it, consider writing a guest post. See our guidelines for the details.

Have a terrific (furry book) month! Send news, suggestions, feedback, and spare hashtags to, or leave a comment below.

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