Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of participants in the Furry Writers’ Guild community, as well as steps to reporting unacceptable behavior. The Code applies to the FWG Forums, the FWG Telegram Group, the FWG Discord, and any other FWG-branded social spaces, both online and off. It applies both to FWG Members and future members (i.e., any participants in our spaces).

  • Be welcoming. The FWG welcomes and supports all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to, participants of any age, experience level, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, ability/disability, gender identity and expression, sexual identity and expression, or level or type of participation in the furry fandom.
  • Be respectful. Not all of us will agree all the time, but disagreement is not an excuse for poor behavior and personal attacks. Harassment, trolling, and derogatory/demeaning speech will not be tolerated, whether the speech is targeting an individual or any group. (See below for more details.) Flame baiting and mini-modding will not be allowed. 
  • Be kind. Do not insult or put down other participants. Respect others’ boundaries in terms of objectionable content. If you’re asked to drop a particularly contentious topic or take the conversation elsewhere, please respect that request.
  • Be ratings-aware. Keep profanity mild and to a minimum; don’t share adult material unless it’s clearly marked NSFW (and do not share it at all in the Telegram or general Discord channels). None of the FWG spaces are designed for roleplay, and outside of the #adult-writing-chat or #adult-humor-memes Discord channels, graphic discussion or descriptions of a sexual nature is inappropriate.
  • Be mindful of conversation. Small talk in Discord and Telegram is fine (even encouraged), but try not to derail discussions, and remember that not every joke that pops into your head needs to be shared.

Harassment includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, physical appearance, race, age, culture, political or religious affiliation
  • Threats of violence, both physical and psychological
  • Incitement of violence and/or deliberate intimidation
  • Unwelcome sexual attention, including gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or behavior
  • Deliberate misgendering or deadnaming
  • Stalking
  • “Doxxing” (revealing private information)
  • Continued sending of private/direct messages sent after a request to cease
  • Sustained disruption of discussions
  • Advocation of hateful ideologies, including open membership in hate groups

Unacceptable Conduct: Advocacy for these behaviours is considered a violation of our code of conduct: racism, sexism, discrimination, pedophilia or adults committing sexual acts with people under the legal age, rape, torture, necrophilia, and/or bestiality. Advocacy does not include the depictions of these subjects within works written by members or prospective members nor authors promoting their own written works with depictions of these subjects.

Content By Real People: The FWG stands for art created by real people, not algorithms. The sharing of any content generated by AI algorithms is not permitted within FWG spaces, nor is it acceptable to share any advice, hints, tips, etc on how to use any AI art/story generator.

Reporting Inappropriate Behavior: As the Guild has neither the capacity nor the desire to monitor members’ activity in every non-Guild space, the Guild officers shall only investigate behavior once a complaint is received. Any Guild member or other interested party (such as a publisher) can make a complaint anonymously. Please contact an admin via private message on the FWG Forums, Discord, or Telegram. Provide as much detail as you can, including screenshots or copied chat text; the admin will review the situation and take appropriate action. 

Actions: Actions may include warnings, temporary or permanent bans from any or all FWG spaces, and/or revocation of FWG membership. Specific actions taken are at the discretion of FWG admins, moderators, and officers, based on the judged severity of the behavior.