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Who We Are

Logo Drawn By Kiba Wolf

Founded in 2011 by Sean “Duroc” Silva, the purpose of the Furry Writers’ Guild is to promote quality writing in anthropomorphic fiction and to inform, elevate, and support its creators. We are a collection of authors around the world, across demographic and genre lines, from professional authors to those just starting out, all bound together by an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters—furries—in fiction.

What We Do

We feature various resources for furry writers, most of which are also open for non-members to utilize as well! We have our Telegram and Discord groups to congregate in which are perfect for discussing writing, beta reading stories, networking, and of course making friends. We maintain the Furry Writers’ Market to help writers find venues to publish their works as well as feature posts on our blog surrounding writing topics.

Each year, we also administer the Cóyotl Awards to recognize excellence in anthropomorphic literature and promote quality writing within the furry fandom. Nominations and voting for the awards are only open to FWG Members.

Membership Requirements

You can join as a full member if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You’ve had one short story, poem, or novel published in a paying qualifying market
  • You’ve had two short stories or poems published in a non-paying qualifying market
  • You’ve had a self-published work sell 25 or more copies priced at 99¢ or above within a 12-month period
  • You’ve had a self-published work net $200 or more in author earnings within a 12-month period

Stories must feature anthropomorphic characters or themes for membership qualification. The protagonist doesn’t have to be furry, but at least one major character should be.

A “qualifying market” is any publication (print or online) that has an editorial process: that is, an editor selected your story via an open submission process or solicitation. If a publication accepts all submissions (for example, you’re in a writing group which prints a collection of its members’ works), it doesn’t count. Edited anthologies, magazines, and convention program books do count.

Self-published works require some kind of statement of revenue, such as Amazon sales reports; contact us if you have questions. Note that net author earnings means the amount of money you, as the author, make on your book, not the cover price. Works available for free do not count toward membership qualification. (Works available for free through Kindle Unlimited or a similar revenue-sharing program, however, can qualify if they meet the net author earnings qualification.)

In all cases, the FWG reserves the right to determine whether a market is qualifying, and whether a self-published work meets basic common sense standards (e.g., available for sale in one or more major ebook stores, appears to have ever been bought, contains actual prose that appears to have gone through at least one copy editing pass, and so on).

The following kinds of publications do not qualify for FWG membership:

  • comics and graphic novels
  • games and interactive fiction
  • story commissions
  • writing Patreons or other patron-driven works
  • stories on free archive sites (unless they are reprints from qualifying markets)
  • stories created through the use of AI programs, generators, or algorithms

We may establish criteria to accept one or more of the above kinds of works in the future.

Associate Memberships

Associate membership allows guild participation for specific individuals who, while not primarily fiction writers themselves, have made key contributions in the field of anthropomorphic literature, such as editors and publishers. Associate memberships can be approved without the above publication requirements. Please note that these memberships will be approved on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the individual’s contributions to the writing community and the genre of furry literature.

Remember, all members of the Furry Writers’ Guild and those in our official FWG spaces must follow our Code of Conduct. Interested in joining our guild? Do you meet our membership requirements?

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