Suggested Reading

Places to find reviews, lists, and other recommendations for anthropomorphic fiction. (Please note that material linked here represents the opinions or views of its creators, which may or may not be the views of the Furry Writers’ Guild.)

Cóyotl Awards

Our Cóyotl Awards page has listings for all previous nominees and winners, all of which make for excellent reading.

Goodreads lists

Books By Furry Writers’ Guild Members
Furry Fiction
Best Talking-Animal Books
Best Anthropomorphic Animal Books
Best Animal Books in Fantasy
If You Loved Zootopia, You’ll Want to Read These Books

Other lists

Fred Patten: What the Well-Read Furry Should Read
Icorwind’s furry/anthro novel list

Book reviews

Claw & Quill
Online magazine about the furry fandom, publishing reviews, essays, and commentary. While no longer active, it still does contain useful reviews.

Dogpatch Press
Furry journalism blog featuring, among other topics, book reviews by the late Fred Patten as well as other guest reviewers. (Link leads to category “reviews.”)

Furry fiction reviews by Faolan. While no longer active, it still does contain useful reviews.

Furry Book Review
Home of the Leo Awards with written reviews on anthropomorphic literature.



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