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Nominations and Voting

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Voting for the 2019 Cóyotl Awards is now open! This fors will collect your email address for comparisons to our FWG Member Database to ensure proper voting. If you believe your email is not up to date or simply want to be sure we have the correct email please fill out this form. Take a look at the pieces of literature up for the award then click the link below to place your vote!

Best Short Story:

“Dirty Rats” by Jan Seigal (The Jackal Who Came In From The Cold)

“Night’s Dawn” by Jaden Drakus (FANG 10)

“Pack” by Sparf (Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet)


Best Novella:

“Minor Mage” by T. Kingfisher

“Love Me To Death” by Frances Pauli


Best Novel:

“Titles” by Kyell Gold

“Symphony of Shifting Tides” by Leilani Wilson

“Fair Trade” by Gre7g Luterman

“Nexus Nine” by Mary E. Lowd

“The Student – Volume Three” by Joe H. Sherman


Best Anthology:

“Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet” edited by Tim Susman

“Fang 9” edited by Ashe Valisca

“Fang 10” Edited by Kyell Gold & Sparf


2019 Cóyotl Awards Voting Form


We hope to see many members of the guild come together to vote for their favorite works from 2019. Voting will remain open from March 1st through March 31st so make sure to get in that vote!