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The Cóyotl Awards

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The Cóyotl Awards provide Furry Writers’ Guild members the opportunity to recognize excellence in anthropomorphic literature. Only guild members are eligible to nominate and vote, though the works they recognize can be by anyone.

For more information on the Cóyotl Awards, please see their website.


2011 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2011-2/)

General Short Story: The Canoe Race, by Daniel and Mary Lowd
Mature Short Story: Best of Breed, by Renee Carter Hall
General Novella: Real Dragons Don’t Wear Sweaters, by Renee Carter Hall
Mature Novella: Science Friction, by Kyell Gold
General Novel: Inchoate Carillon, Inconstant Cucold, by Charles Matthias
Mature Novel: Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny, by Tempe O’Kun

2012 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2012-2/)

Best Novel: By Sword and Star by Renee Carter Hall
Best Novella: Reach for the Sky (The Battle of Britain – a novel of Lt. Corn Book 1) by Vixyy Fox
Best Short Story: “Chasing the Spotlight” by Tim Susman (published in ROAR Volume 4)

2013 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2013-2/)

Best Novel: God of Clay by Ryan Campbell
Best Novella: Indigo Rain by Watts Martin
Best Short Story: “Fox in the Hen House” by Mary E. Lowd (published in Dancing in the Moonlight)
Best Anthology: Hot Dish #1 edited by Alopex

 2014 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2014-2/)

Best Novel: Off the Beaten Path by Rukis
Best Novella: Huntress by Renee Carter Hall
Best Short Story: “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon
Best Anthology: Abandoned Places edited by Tarl Hoch