2012 Cóyotl Awards

Below are listed the winners and nominees of the 2012 Cóyotl Awards.  The winners are listed first and in bold.

Best Novel:

  • By Sword and Star by Renee Carter Hall
  • Freedom City by Phil Geusz
  • Silent Moon by Sarina Dorie
  • The Silver Circle by Kyell Gold

Best Novella:

  • Reach for the Sky (The Battle of Britain – a novel of Lt. Corn Book 1) by Vixyy Fox
  • Dangerous Jade by Malcolm Cross

Best Short Story:

  • Chasing the Spotlight by Tim Susman
  • Greener on the Other Side by Sarina Dorie
  • Rearview by Sean Silva
  • The Savior of Dragondom by Sarina Dorie