Suggested Reading: Erotica

These books feature erotic themes or scenes in their stories. They are all adult stories in nature. Please don’t check these out unless you are 18 years of age or older.


50 Shades of Neigh by Stephen Coghlan

Bridges by Kyell Gold

Captured by Cowboy Cougars by H.A. Kirsch

Divisions by Kyell Gold

Dude, Where’s My Fox? by Kyell Gold

Isolation Play by Kyell Gold

Overtime by Kyell Gold

Out of Position by Kyell Gold

Pit Fighters 1: The Opportunity by Rick Griffin

Pit Fighters 2: Orientation by Rick Griffin

Pit Fighters 3: Side Gig by Rick Griffin

Science Friction by Kyell Gold

Sixes Wild: Echos by Tempe O’Kun

Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny by Tempe O’Kun

Sky’s The Limit by Ryft Sarri

Taken by Biker Werewolves by H.A. Kirsh

Tales of the Firebirds by Kyell Gold

The Student Volume I by Joe Sherman

The Student Volume II by Joe Sherman

The Student Volume III by Joe Sherman

Titles by Kyell Gold

Trevor’s Tricks by FuzzWolf

Ty Game by Kyell Gold

Uncovered by Kyell Gold

We Live for Half-Moons by Weasel

Whip & Boot by Herr Wozzeck

Windfall: An Otter Body Experience by Tempe O’Kun

Winter Games by Kyell Gold

Wolf Play by H.A. Kirsch