Kandrel is an American fox living in jolly old England. He spends a lot of his time running tabletop roleplaying games for his friends and turning cardboard sideways at his enemies. He’s been writing for publication for nearly two decades, and in that time has learned three important lessons about furry authorship.

1. Write what makes you happy. No matter how unique you feel, there will be people like you, and it’ll make them happy, too.
2. Live wild. The wilder you live, the better you’ll write.
3. If you have four legs, they can’t legally make you wear pants.

The vast majority of his works can be found on SoFurry, and on Furaffinity if you’re weird and want a worse reading experience. He also writes CYOA-style adult games, which primarily follow rule 1.

SoFurry: https://kandrel.sofurry.com
Furaffinity: https://furaffinity.net/user/kandrel
Mastodon: @kandrel@yiff.life
Twitter (Announcement only): @kandrel
Website: https://foxyonline.com/
CYOA Games: https://humpin.gs/