Arian Mabe (Amethyst Mare)

I’m Amethyst Mare, writing under the published and self-published pen names of Arian Mabe and Alis Mitsy. I have an extensive library of clean and erotic short stories and longer works that cross multiple genres and have challenged me to write out of my comfort zone and improve my skills on a daily basis. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing and am always looking to improve my writing: I don’t believe that we ever stop learning, improving with every piece and taking on something new.

I’ve taken my pleasure in writing commissions for furry clients full-time in 2018 and it is a passion of mine to bring the fantasies of my readers and commissioners to life. I speak a lot about “taking a break from reality” and this is something that I take a lot of in my own personal reading and when I was younger, disappearing into books and stories wherever I found them. With the world as it is in 2021, as I am writing this, I feel this more strongly than ever.

Alongside working for private commission clients, I have also undertaken work on a visual novel and have an extensive catalogue of short, erotic tales available via self-publishing avenues. I am currently moving onto working with personal novel length furry projects to bring requested paperback books and collections of short stories, among other projects, to fruition. Hope you enjoy the stories – there’s always more to come!

Furry publications:
Knotted: A BDSM Anthology Paperback
Typewriter Emergencies
Civilized Beasts