Stephen Coghlan

smc-croppedHailing from the capital of Canada, Stephen began writing in his teens to impress his crush, but discovered that his love for the written word soon outlasted the relationship. At present he is a multi-genre, small-house published author trying to wow anyone who dares to read his written works.To date he has written for podcasts, indie magazines, anthologies, and he has a few novels and novellas that have been deemed fit to put to paper by someone other than himself.
Raised by anthropomorphic cartoons and furry comics, Stephen has always considered himself a furry, despite not having a fursona of his own as he chooses instead to live vicariously through the characters he writes about instead. He prides himself on often sneaking furry references or characters into his stories, be them officially furry or otherwise.
His major furry works include: The Genmos Trilogy, a YA Cross-Canada ensemble furry adventure The Nobilis Series, a Science-Fiction Giant robot Space-Opera which features several furry characters among the main cast. 50 Shades of Neigh, an alternate-Edwardian-period human/centaur erotic crop-opera
And his short furry stories include( but may not be limited to): A Soul Removed, found in THP’s (Thurston Howl Publication) Infurno anthology A Voice Not Spoken, in THP’s Seven Deadly Sins anthology Joseph and the Technicolor Fur Coat in the 2017 Cóyotl award winning Arcana anthology The Preacherman in FurPlanet Productions Dystopia anthology Tooth, Claw and Fang in FurPlanet Productions Dogs of War anthology
Twitter @WordsBySC