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Stephen Coghlan

smc-croppedHailing from the capital of Canada, Stephen is a construction worker by trade and a writer by passion. His novel, GENMOS: The Genetically Modified Species, was inspired by a period of binge-reading web comics by the like of Tiffany “Skye” Ross and Namir Deiter. The first draft was long, raw and overly technical, and it wasn’t until years later that he would be humble enough to take the criticism required to turn the uncut stone into a much more polished novel.
A fan of anthro stories and characters since early childhood (I’m looking at you, “Raccoons”), he was always fascinated by the furry community, but he has no one fursona of his own. Instead, he considers himself a writer for the characters of his stories and lives vicariously through them.
GENMOS: The Genetically Modified Species is available Thurston Howl Publications, and his short stories “Tooth, Claw and Fang” and “A Voice Not Spoken” can be found in the anthologies Dogs of War and Seven Deadly Sins: A Furry Confessional.
Website: scoghlan.com