Suggested Reading: Sci-Fi

Listed below are novels with sci-fi themes featuring anthropomorphic characters. Any books with * denote they feature adult themes.

Sci-Fi Novels:

Always Gray In Winter by Mark J. Engels

Dangerous Thoughts by James L. Steele

GENMOS: Crossroads by Stephen Coghlan

GENMOS: Gathering Storms by Stephen Coghlan

Huvek* by James L. Steele

Jove Deadly’s Lunar Detective Agency by Garret Marco and Mary E. Lowd

Kanti Cycle 1: Skeleton Crew by Gre7g Luterman

Kanti Cycle 2: Small World by Gre7g Luterman

Kanti Cycle 3: Fair Trade by Gre7g Luterman

Kismet by Watts Martin

Long Way Home* by Gre7g Luterman

Lunar Cavity by Mary E. Lowd

Missing Person by Frances Pauli

Nexus Nine by Mary E. Lowd

NOBILIS: Seedling by Stephen Coghlan

Otters in Space by Mary E. Lowd

Otters in Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly by Mary E. Lowd

Otters in Space 3: Octopus Ascending by Mary E. Lowd

Quoheleth – Madison Scott-Clary

Reaper’s Lottery by Gre7g Luterman

Reborn by J. F. R. Coates

Red Skies by NC Shapiro and G.S. Cole

reWritten by J. Malan

Rightful Salvage by France Pauli

Tales of Para-Imperium by Joel Kreissman

Testimony (Lord of Night #1) by Joshua “Feun” King

The Captain’s Oath by Rick Griffin

The Earth Tigers by Frances Pauli

The Meddler by K. Hubschmid

The Pride of Parahumans by Joel Kreissman

The Sky Fires by Frances Pauli

The Wayward Astronomer by Geoffrey Thomas

Traitor by J. F. R. Coates

Traitors, Thieves and Liars: Book 1 of The Final Days of the Whiteflower II by Rick Griffin

Tri-Galactic Trek by Mary E. Lowd