Anastasia Spinet

Anastasia has been a fan of stories featuring anthropomorphic characters for as long as she can remember (something she attributes largely to her childhood love of Beatrix Potter and Don Bluth). As the daughter of two individuals who adore the art of oral storytelling, it’s no wonder that she grew up to enjoy writing about said talking animal people.

She primarily writes bittersweet fantasy with a folkloric and/or supernatural spin, but she also enjoys creating a good sci-fi story every now and then. Her first published short, “Where Dead Things Slumber”, appears in THP’s 2019 anthology SPECIES: Otters and tells the tale of a young otter dealing with the loss of his sister.

Anastasia resides somewhere along the East coast of the United States with a large brood of felines. When she isn’t writing or wrangling dogs as part of her day job, she enjoys playing D&D with her friends and reading as many books as she can get her spidery hands on.

You can find her at:

FA: Emperor
Twitter: @ThatEmperor (personal)
@Bachilius (Art & Writing only)

Anastasia would like to thank Ash Belmore for the lovely portrait.