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Lauren Rivers

Lauren RiversLauren Rivers is an anthropomorphic scifi/fantasy writer, specializing in the real world with just a little extra added to it. She enjoys finding new ways of conceptualizing existing ideas and turning them in ways she hasn’t seen before, always on the lookout for something new.

Most of her work to date has been on a personal level, posting a number of short story series on her FurAffinity page. She has tackled Steampunk, Pokemon fan fiction, Mind Control, and other subjects.

Professionally her work has been featured in South Fur Lands, and she has published an article for the Furry Writers’ Guild. Most recently she has published a story in Roar Volume Four, “Almost Famous”. At present she is working on a number of projects at once, an ever-present state she finds herself in.

A college graduate presently living in Texas with her mate and two cats, she works a normal job in between spurts of furry cons.