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Tempe “Tempo” O’Kun

Tempo was born and raised in the wilds of rural North Dakota. He’s been involved in the fandom in one way or another since about 2005. Just before graduating with a degree in English last year, he finally began writing furry fiction. His life hasn’t been the same since.

When he isn’t writing his next flight of furry fantasy, he’s as likely to be found shooting rotten eggs off barn roofs with a homemade catapult, as he is enjoying breakfast in McDonald’s in full steampunk gear. He currently lives on his family’s ranch, working horses, and can always be identified at furry cons as “that guy in a cowboy hat and boots.”

Specializing in straight furry romance, he has been published in Sofawolf Press’s Heat anthology. His new novel Sixes Wild, out in 2011, is an action-packed furry Western with strong romance and comedy influences. He has posted numerous fantasy and modern romance stories and is developing novel-length projects based in those genres.

More of his anthro fiction can be found here: www.furaffinity.net/user/tempo321/

His day-to-day ramblings can be followed here: twitter.com/tempo321/