R. A. Meenan (SamAuburn)

WerewolfRaiR. A. Meenan was born in London during the golden age of science fiction, but somehow time traveled to the Modern Era and was dropped on the doorstep of a house owned by anthropomorphic cats. After setting fire to her furry cat friends’ tails one too many times (final score – fire: 2612, cat’s tails: 0) they called an exterminator and sent her out on her way.

Now an adult (physically, not mentally), she ride-hops intergalactic military spacecraft, combing the outer reaches of space and time, writing science fiction and urban fantasy stories based on her experiences.

She carefully feeds and brushes her wonderful husband Joe and the pair have four furry children (which are really cats, but don’t tell them that). She also has one human child named with two very nerdy, but very sneaky names.

She writes a variety of furry fiction, from magical soldiers, to immortal summons, to run-down assassins, to full world wars, all with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. You can read her short stories free on her website!

Twitter: @SammieAuburn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zyearthchronicles

Instagram: @ZyearthDefender

Website: http://www.zyearth.com