Suggested Reading: Poetry

While rarer, there are poetry collections and chapbooks focusing on furry subjects. Here are some of them. A * denotes poems with adult themes.

Poetry Collections

Civilised Beasts
Civilised Beasts Volume 2
Orange and White and Tweets All Over

Individual Poems

Alder “RedlaSunShowers” Beck
Pesticide Elegy – Aurora Magazine

Carmen Welsh Jr. AKA CopperSphynx
Only Hound Dogs Up In Harlem – Typewriter Emergencies

Lisa Timpf
In Days To Come
Canem Roboto – New Myths
Fidelis Reinvented – New Myths
From Cat To Fiddle – New Myths
Into The Net – Eye To The Telescope
Over The Rainbow – New Myths
What Really Happened – New Myths

Madison Scott-Clary

Michael H. Payne
Not A Creature Is Stirring – Poetry Nook
Coyote Yodel – Silver Blade
Next! – Silver Blade