Suggested Reading: Poetry

While rarer, there are poetry collections and chapbooks focusing on furry subjects. Here are some of them. A * denotes poems with adult themes.

Poetry Collections:

Civilized Beasts: Volume 1 edited by Weasel

Civilized Beasts: Volume 2 edited by Weasel

Civilized Beasts: Volume 3 edited by Weasel

Furry Haiku edited by Thurston Howl

Kisses and Kickflips* by Kacey Pinkerton

These poetry collections, while not necessarily furry, were written by furries in the guild. Here are those poetry collections. Books with a * denote adult content.

Non-Furry Poetry Collections:

a warm place to self-destruct by Weasel

Cut the Loss by Weasel

Face Down in Leaves by Dwale

Time Passes Like Flames in the Distance by Weasel

We Balance Gravity as I Eat You Out* by Thurston Howl

We Don’t Make It Out Alive by Weasel