Carmen Welsh Jr. AKA “CopperSphynx’

CopperSphynx remembers finishing an OST (Original Star Trek) episode and immediately took cereal boxes she collected, turned them into pages, and with a pen, drew a comic with Star Trek characters as cats. Saturday Morning cartoons were a big influence on she and if animals were a part of the cast, she gravitated more towards them than the human characters.

When she received Richard Scarry’s Busytown books as a gift subscription, she knew she wanted to draw and write using talking animals. By then, she was already immersed in comic books. However, CopperSphynx didn’t know there was a genre known as Furry until her 20s, getting her anthropomorphic creatures through Fantasy, Science Fiction, and comics. Aesop Fables, Greek, and later, other cultural myths fed her need to read and tell more furry stories.

Now, she has published Furry, Fantasy, and SF short stories with many pressuring her to write novels, but she has tried those before, and the short story form still feels right. She creates comics alongside her growing Furry-SFF themed illustrations.

CopperSphynx is also obsessed with essays, which is why she continues to blog.

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