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Carmen K. Welsh Jr.

Carmen WelshCarmen K. Welsh Jr., aka “Goblinrants”, “CopperSphinx”, “The Angry Goblin” or “Kayfey” started life as an artist. After her characters were fully drawn, she would write their back stories.

The ‘furriness’ began in Pre-K when she wrote and illustrated her book, Cat the Bat, which soon led to a comic-panel scifi series about a crew of felines in outer space. Later stories led to superhero dogs, fantasy cats, and other creatures, beings both real and imagined.

Her influences/interests run the gamut from world mythology, fables/folklore, classic films and movies from the silent era to the 1960s, history, sociology, science, technology, SF/F (both films & books), foreign films, indie films, YA novels, illustrated children’s books, comic books/strips and graphic novels.

Carmen devours Japanese manga and other Asian-related media. When she can, she attends SF/Comic conventions and is trying to be more of a cosplayer.

She continues to spin new or polish old, whether prose or visual, publish nonfiction essays and articles, make new artwork and try not to go crazy in the process.

Carmen earned her MFA in fiction writing and is working on a historical novel with anthro dogs. She is a member of AWP. Her website “Tabber the Red” is the official series’ name for her short fantasy fiction with anthro cats.

Those short stories include: PawPrints Fanzine “Su Ling” (Spring 2000) and “The Merchant’s Daughter” (Fall 2001), Fur Visions “The Contract” (Issue 28 2005) and “I Guard the Gate” (Annual Themeless Issue 33 2005)

“White Ministrant” ANTHRO #12: Jul/Aug 2007

“Firefly Crown” ANTHRO #28 Mar/Apr 2010

“I Guard the Gate” Anthrodreams July 19, 2010 (Podcast)

“Su Ling” Anthrodreams October 10, 2012 (Podcast)

“The Merchant’s Daughter” Allasso Vol. 3: Storge May 2014 | Pink Fox Publications

“Night Sounds” Prick of the Spindle Issue 9 | Prick of the Spindle, Inc.

Her published artwork includes: Fur Visions Issue 31, Issue 32 2005, ANTHRO #15: Jan/Feb 2008 – “High Priest Domin” (Cover art), interior illustration to “White Ministrant” in Anthrology Volume Two, “Emperor & Empress of Angor wish you a Happy Holy Days & Merry Winter Nights” illustration on “Writers’ Zen Blog” as guest blogger!

She can be found at her official website:

http://TabbertheRed.com .net or .org

Writer & artsy-related blogs and sites:

http://InPrettyPrint.blogspot.com [Writing & Art-related inspiration and working ideas]
http://CopperSphinx.deviantart.com [Art portfolio past and present]
https://TheAngryGoblin.wordpress.com [Official bibliography]