David M. Sula

EXDKpkaWkAIK2ECA member of the furry fandom for almost half his life and the LGBT community since birth, David M. Sula has always pursued his love of fiction through the lenses of fantasy and innovative progressive activism. The art of telling stories has always served a critical role in his life, and his love of writing has forged many of his most meaningful relationships, including his boyfriend of eight years. David is a professional editor for Fenris Publishing and served as editor for the entire run of Minnow Literary Magazine.
When not writing, David enjoys video editing, drawing, music composition, and the occasional crafty project. He shares a cozy apartment with his loving boyfriend Alex and his lazy bunny Casey. Some of his previous publications include “Hooked” in Hair Trigger, “The Maneless” in ROAR Vol 11, and “The Dolls of Bogle Street” in The Lab Review.

You can follow him on Twitter @DavidMSula.