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David M. Sula

David Sula became obsessed with writing stories back in third grade when he wrote about super heroes and talking bunnies. He primarily writes fantasy, science fiction, and realistic fiction with LGBT themes. He also occasionally delves into horror, romance, and of course furry fiction. He has been writing for the furry fandom on Fur Affinity for three years now and achieved his first publication of furry writing with his short story “Resistance” in ROAR Vol. 9.

David was born in a small town in Illinois farm country. From a young age he was exposed to animals, and with his family, he has been raising rabbits for twenty years. His fascination with animals like rabbits, wolves, and lions have inspired a lot of his writing both inside and out of the fandom.

He loves going to furry conventions when he can to improve his drawing, meet new people, and gain inspiration for more fiction. He relishes the sense of community and how the furry fandom can bring people together. David even met his loving boyfriend of two years through the fandom, which was truly the greatest thing to have happened in his five years as a furry.