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Rabbit Valley

Since 1997, Rabbit Valley (then known as Another Rabco Disaster/Mailbox Books) has been distributing and publishing furry artwork, books, comics, novels, and more.

Sean Rabbitt oversaw the distribution of Associated Student Bodies from day one, and ultimately published the Circles, Spooo Presents, and many other comic series. He is now the chief editor of Rabbit Valley and works directly with all the authors who have published novels under our imprint.

In addition to being a published author in Occupational Health & Safety, Medical Laboratory Observer, Cap Today, and others, Andrew Rabbitt worked to bring novel publication to Rabbit Valley in 2009, and serves as junior editor to our novel and comic authors. Since that time we have added many continuing series, stand alone titles, and anthologies to our catalog.

Rabbit Valley is one of the few true furry distributors carrying works from almost all the publishers in the fandom, including independent authors, FurPlanet, InkFur, Jarlidium Press, Radio Comix, Ringtail Cafe Productions, Sofawolf Press, and many others. In addition, Rabbit Valley hosts publishing panels at many of the conventions they attend.