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Non-paying Markets

Markets listed below are either published within the furry fandom or are of particular interest to furry writers due to their themes or focus (for example, werewolf or shapeshifter fiction). Remember, many non-furry markets — especially science fiction and fantasy publications — may be open to anthro-themed fiction. For help finding non-furry markets for your work, see Other Market Databases.

Markets are listed by deadline, with ongoing publications listed alphabetically at the bottom.

Always read the guidelines before submitting! If you have questions, contact the editor or publisher directly.

Last updated March 01, 2019.

Trick or Treat: A Furry BDSM Anthology
Theme: furry erotica featuring BDSM
Length: 2,500–8,000 words
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Editor: Thurston Howl
Deadline: May 1, 2019
Submission Guidelines

The Haunted Den: Furry Ghost Stories
Theme: furry ghost stories
Length: 2,500–8,000 words
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Editor: Tarl Hoch and Thurston Howl
Deadline: Jun 1, 2019
Submission Guidelines

Pawradiso: The Ten Spheres of Furry Heaven
Theme: furry stories based around the spheres of Heaven (in reference to Paradiso)
Length: 2,500–8,000 words
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Editor: Rayah James
Deadline: Jul 15, 2019
Submission Guidelines

Ongoing markets

Non-fiction group blog featuring essays about furry fandom and “furriness” as well as the occasional poem. Always looking for guest posts and potential regular contributors. Submission Guidelines.

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine
Essays, stories, and poems that “capture the essence and immediacy of the beast.” Looking for a “literal beast” as a central character or motif in submissions. Open to all genres, although “does not want anything overtly religious, pornographic, or sentimental.” Submission Guidelines.

Dogpatch Press
Furry-specific news and review site, with an emphasis on content about “furry as a subculture,” including what makes furry unique and how and where it intersects with the mainstream. Typical articles run around 1,000 words. Submission Guidelines.

Furry Writers’ Guild
Hey, you’re here! We’re always open to potential guest blog posts on the web site. Email us at <furwritersguild@gmail.com> for more information.

North American Fur
One of the few remaining furry Amateur Press Associations, a print-only publication that sits somewhere between fanzine and club. Accepts art, writing, and discussion between members (from casual life updates to comments on one another’s work). NAF makes copies of their biannual issues available for sale to the public, sans the comment sections. Membership Information.

Got a market to add? Email us at furwritersguild@gmail.com or post it in the Calls for Submission thread in our forum.