Book of the Month: ROAR 7

September 2016’s Book of the Month is ROAR 7, edited by Mary E. Lowd.

Welcome to a LEGENDARY volume of ROAR! That’s right, the theme for the seventh volume is legend, and it will take you on a journey from a fortune teller’s bamboo hut to the end of the world in the coils of a dead snake god, back in time to the Cretaceous and then up to the stars. You’ll meet tigers and cranes practicing Kung Fu, a singing frog, a gambling pigeon, a rap-star bearded dragon, a rhinoceros who’s friends with a goat, and several creatures you’ve probably never seen before.

The seventh volume of FurPlanet’s annual general audience anthology has 17 stories:

  • “Crouching Tiger, Standing Crane,” Kyla Chapek
  • “The Frog Who Swallowed the Moon,” Renee Carter Hall
  • “The Torch,” Chris “Sparf” Williams
  • “A Rock Among Millions,” Skunkbomb
  • “The Pigeon Who Wished For Golden Feathers,” Corgi W.
  • “Unbalanced Scales,” Bill Kieffer
  • “Reason,” Heidi C. Vlach
  • “Old-Dry-Snakeskin,” Ross Whitlock
  • “Kitsune Tea,” E.A. Lawrence
  • “A Touch of Magic,” John B. Rosenman
  • “Long Time I Hunt,” Erin Lale
  • “The Butterfly Effect,” Jay “Shirou” Coughlan
  • “The Roar,” John Giezentanner
  • “Trust,” TJ Minde
  • “The Golden Flowers,” Priya Sridhar
  • “A Thousand Dreams,” Amy Fontaine
  • “Puppets,” Ellis Aen

ROAR 7 is available in print from FurPlanet and DRM-free ebook from Bad Dog Books, as well as from Amazon.

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