Guild news, September 2016

New members

After a big July, we didn't induct any new members in August. Maybe our next new member will be you? If you'd like more information about joining, read our membership guidelines.

Member news

Members Mary E. Lowd, Skunkbomb and Frances Pauli sold stories to Scratchpost Press's The Society Pages, a forthcoming anthology.

Televassi will have a poem in Thurston Howl Publications' Wolf Warriors III, their charity anthology. In addition, his story from Gods With Fur will be reprinted in THP's 2017 wolf anthology.

From Spring's Storms, the sequel to Patrick "Bahumat" Rochefort and Keith Aksland's novel From Winter's Ashes, has begun serializing on the web.

GoAL Publications released the third (and final?) issue of their eponymous magazine.

New markets

  • ROAR 8 is open for submissions (as of September 1). This general audience anthology always has a loose theme; 2017's is "Paradise." Editor: Mary E. Lowd. Publisher: FurPlanet. Length: 2,000–18,000 words; prefers 4,000–12,000. Payment: 0.5¢/word. Deadline: February 1, 2017. Submission call.

For ongoing markets previously covered but still open (and occasionally, open in the future), visit the FWG web site:

Remember to keep an eye on the Calls for Submissions thread on the forum, as well as other posts on the Publishing and Marketing forum.

Cóyotl Awards

The 2015 Cóyotl Awards were awarded at Rocky Mountain FurCon! The winners:

  • Novel: Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard, Lawrence M. Schoen
  • Novella: Koa of the Drowned Kingdom, Ryan Campbell
  • Short story: "The Analogue Cat," Alice Dryden
  • Anthology: Inhuman Acts, Ocean Tigrox (editor)

Congratulations to all the winners! Remember, to the best of our knowledge, the Cóyotl is the only literary award you can hug. (Okay, you could hug a Hugo, but it wouldn't be comfortable.)

Odds and ends

Thurston Howl set up a FWG Submission Deadlines Calendar using Google Calendar; you can visit it on the web, or subscribe in a calendar app of your choice. The calendar not only hits the markets that get picked up in this monthly newsletter; he does a good job of finding "furry-adjacent" markets.

While the Guild blog is not blogging as hard as it should be these days (your president-slash-editor accepts full blame), the forum remains quite active. If you are not part of the activity there, go add to it! Also, consider writing a guest post. See our guidelines for the details.

As always, the FWG Goodreads group needs more good reads. (Get it? I'm here all week.) Go add things to our members' bookshelf—see the instructions here on how.

Have a terrific month! Send news, suggestions, feedback, and legal awoos to, or leave a comment below.

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