Novels and Other Works

Publishers listed here are either furry-owned or explicitly open to anthropomorphic fiction. Remember that non-furry publishers—especially those publishing science fiction and fantasy—may also be open to anthro-themed manuscripts. For help finding non-furry publishers, see Other Market Databases.

Last update: October 8, 2018

Argyll Productions

FurPlanet’s parent company, publishing both furry and non-furry works, with an emphasis on queer and underrepresented authors and subject matter. No submission information listed on the web site; contact them for more information.

Circlet Press

“Erotica for geeks”: science fiction and fantasy publisher, producing novels and themed adult anthologies. Submission Guidelines.

Fanged Fiction

The 18+ imprint of Ottercorrect Literature Services, currently closed to all submissions.


The furry-specific imprint of Argyll Productions, known for publishing several anthologies a year (including three ongoing annuals, ROAR, CLAW, and FANG). FP is not open to unsolicited novel and novella manuscripts, but maintains a page of current anthology calls. (Also see our Paying Markets page, which could be more up-to-date)

Goal Publications

The General Audience imprint of Ottercorrect Literature Services, currently closed to all submissions.

Hybrid Ink

A small publisher focused on “thoughtful fiction, exploratory poetry, and creative non-fiction,” emphasizing works from new authors, “young authors, and authors from marginalized groups.” Not explicitly furry, but furry-owned and open to furry work. Submission Guidelines.

Jaffa Books

Australian furry publisher/distributor. Currently closed to submissions, but expected to re-open in January.

Melange Books

Melange is “a royalty-paying company for ebooks and print books,” which lists many (many) genres including “furry/anthropomorphic” as categories. (While we’re keeping them listed since they still have “furry” listed in their side bar, note that they’ve been closed to submissions since mid-2016.)

Rabbit Valley

Rabbit Valley is one of the oldest furry publishers and distributors (carrying works by other publishers, not just their own). Currently, RV is closed to all unsolicited novel/novella submissions. (Check our Paying Markets page for anthology calls.)

Red Ferret Press

Weasel Press’s erotica imprint, currently closed for both fiction and poetry submissions. Submission Guidelines.

Sofawolf Press

Sofawolf is one of furry’s oldest publishers, known for novels, graphic novels and the annual Heat anthology title. Currently, Sofawolf is closed to novel and graphic novel submissions; watch our Paying Markets page for anthology calls.

Thurston Howl Publications

“Thurston Howl Publications is a new small publishing house based near Lansing” and is “open to new authors as well as experienced ones”. Submission Guidelines.

Weasel Press

Independent publisher with a “Beat Generation mentality,” publishing fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and scripts/plays, including furry works. They are currently closed for submissions. Visit their web page as well as our Paying Markets page for more details.