Jako Malan

Jako+MalanJako Malan hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He is an active member of the local furry community and an avid imagineer. His day job involves developing software for the export fruit industry.

He is the proud recipient of two Leo Literary Awards. One for his short story “Crossroads the Namib” and one for the prequel to Greenfields – “reWritten”. Both these publications are available from http://www.goalpublications.com

In the furry community, he goes by the alias “Erdwolf” (an Aardwolf), but he also tested the waters with new alias “Erdbok” (a Kudu). He is open to further experimentation with fursonas and handles. Jako reads primarily non-fiction, micro-fiction, pastas and blogs. He has a great interest in machines, electronics and Internet subcultures.

Most of the inspiration for his writing is drawn from music with strong lyrical content and the aggressive mining of personal experiences. He prefers to write in English, which is a strong second language.

Twitter : @AngryKudu (Personal, NSFW follows OK)

Twitter : @Erdwolf_TVL (Personal, SFW)

Telegram : @Erdwolf_TVL