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Jako Malan

Jako Malan is a child of the 80s, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After a delightful episode of globetrotting—which included an extended stay in the US and England—he now lives with his wife and two young children in Bellville, nestled comfortably behind the Boerewors Curtain.

A computer programmer by trade—and a geek by association—he has a recurring fascination with the furry fandom. He considers himself a casual furry—or perhaps a furry skeptic—who enjoys the added aesthetic quality and versatility of working with non-human characters.
He reads primarily non-fiction, micro-fiction, pastas and blogs. Most of his inspiration for writing is drawn from music with strong lyrical content as well as the relentless mining of personal experiences. He prefers to write in English, which is a strong second language.
Other than creative writing, he also has a keen interest in railways, airships, machines, abandoned places, nuclear reactors, motorbikes, computers, firearms, baking bread, electronics, travelling the world and generally trying to know everything about everything (with limited success).
His novel reWritten (published by Goal Publications) will make its debut at Fur the More 2017. His short story “Crossroads the Namib” will be included as part of Fred Patten’s Symbol of a Nation anthology, due for release in time for AnthroCon 2017.