Guild News: October 2015

New Members

Welcome to our newest members KJ Kabza, Shoji, and Camron Cuccu!

(Writers — if you were approved for membership before September 23 but aren’t listed in the member directory, it’s because I haven’t heard back from you about what name you want to be listed under. Drop me a line at furwritersguild (at) and let me know!)

Member News

Lots of new books and anthologies featuring FWG members were released at this year’s RainFurrest. Here’s a possibly-not-complete list (and if I’ve missed yours, please comment and let me know):

A Menagerie of Heroes (RainFurrest charity anthology – general)
An Anthropomorphic Century – edited by Fred Patten
Dungeon Grind – edited by Kandrel and Rechan
Huntress – by Renee Carter Hall
Inhuman Acts: A Collection of Noir – edited by Ocean Tigrox
Koa of the Drowned Kingdom – by Ryan Campbell
Losing My Religion – by Kyell Gold
Naughty Sexy Furry Writing (RainFurrest charity anthology – adult)
The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats – by Mary E. Lowd
Will of the Alpha 2 – edited by Rechan and Lafitte

(Many of these titles are also available in ebook format from Bad Dog Books.)

Phil Geusz also has a new science fiction series at Amazon with the first books out now — check out Early Byrd, Fledgling, and Jail Byrd.

Check your What the Fur conbook from earlier this year for the story “Fleeting” by MikasiWolf. (What the Fur is also holding a writing contest for 2016, accepting entries in both English and French — details here.)

In addition, Laika Dosha (whose creative team includes Patrick “Bahumat” Rochefort) had a successful demo at RF, and the Alpha 0.1 version is now available via Patreon.

In audio offerings, we have the audio edition of Huskyteer‘s story “A Blacker Dog” from Inhuman Acts, recorded by Savrin Drake, and you can also give a listen to an interview with Mary E. Lowd from last spring.

In nonfiction news from our members, George Squares had an article published over at [adjective][species], and Fred Patten presents an exhaustive list of What the Well-Read Furry Should Read.

And finally, congratulations to member Ryan Campbell, selected as the Writer Guest of Honor for RainFurrest 2016!

(Members: Want your news here? Start a thread in our Member News forum!)

Market News

Upcoming deadlines: The anthology WERE- is open to submissions until October 31, and the new quarterly furry zine A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature is open for submissions until November 15. (We also have other anthologies with later deadlines listed on our Paying Markets page.)

In conbook news, Further Confusion is now open through November 30.

Remember to keep an eye on our Calls for Submissions thread and our Publishing and Marketing forum for all the latest news and openings!

Guild News

Thanks to all who made our Meet & Greet and Cóyotl Awards ceremony a success at RainFurrest! If you weren’t able to be there, check out the full list of Cóyotl Awards and nominees (plus the awesome song) at the Cóyotl Awards website. And now that 2014’s awards are complete, it’s time to start thinking about potential nominees for 2015. If you’ve read furry literature published this year that you think is worth recognizing, come tell us about it in the 2015 Recommended Works thread in our forums.

On Goodreads? Don’t forget we have a Goodreads group and a bookshelf featuring books by our members. Feel free to add any members’ books we’ve missed so far (see the instructions here on how to do that).

We’re always open for guest blog post submissions from members — good exposure and a great way to help out fellow writers. See our guidelines for details.

Need a beta reader? Check out our critique board (you’ll need to be registered with the forum in order to view it).

Want to hang out and talk shop with other furry writers? Come join us in the forum shoutbox for the Coffeehouse Chats, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Eastern and Thursdays at 12 p.m. Eastern. More info on the Coffeehouse Chats is here.

Remember, our forums are open to everyone, not just FWG members. Come register and join the conversation!

Have a great October! If you have news, suggestions, or other feedback to share, send an email to furwritersguild (at) or leave a comment below.

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