Renee Carter Hall

Renee Carter HallRenee Carter Hall (known in the furry fandom as “Poetigress”) is a medical transcriptionist by day and a writer all the time. Her fantasy and science fiction stories often feature anthropomorphic characters, and her short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, Podcastle, and the anthologies Bewere the Night and Hero’s Best Friend. Her work can also be found in many furry publications, including the anthologies Trick or Treat, Five Fortunes, and An Anthropomorphic Century. Her novel By Sword and Star (Anthro Dreams, 2012) won the Cóyotl Award for Best Novel, while Huntress (FurPlanet, 2015) was honored with the Cóyotl Award for Best Novella. She was also the Writer Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2015.

Renee lives in West Virginia with her husband, their cat, and a ridiculous number of creative works-in-progress.  She welcomes correspondence from readers and can be found online at: