Guild News: August

New Members

Welcome to our newest members Eduardo Soliz, Franklin Leo, Cadence, and Slip-Wolf!

Member News

Huskyteer recently participated in a short story reading at Kirkdale Bookshop as part of the Sydenham Arts Festival, and her story “The Wolf’s Holiday” was voted the audience’s favorite. You can read more about the evening at her blog. She also has a poem in Far Off Places, Volume II, Issue II (Sartorial), available here.

Kandrel’s Pile is now available as a digital edition from Rabbit Valley.

M. C. A. Hogarth published the children’s book Vinny the Armadillo Makes a Friend, the e-book Some Things Transcend (sequel to Even the Wingless), and the audiobook edition of “Broken Chains.”

Mary E. Lowd’s story “The Hand-Havers” appears in the October 2014 issue of Analog.

And yours truly (Renee Carter Hall) has a flash piece, “How Mother Rabbit Lost Her Name,” in Lakeside Circus. (Definitely not a children’s story.)

(Members: Want to make sure your news gets included here? Start a thread in the Member News forum!)

Market News

Some deadlines coming up fast: You’ve only got until August 4 to submit to the Fur Reality conbook, and both FANG and Will of the Alpha 2 close to submissions on August 31. There’s also an August 31 deadline for the conbooks of Oklacon and Furpocalypse. (See our Convention Books page for the rundown.)

Markets now open to submissions: Heat and Hot Dish, both from Sofawolf and both with a deadline of September 30 (see our Paying Markets page for details and links). The VancouFUR conbook is now open as well.

Guild News

Members, there’s just one week left to get your votes and nominations in for the Cóyotl Awards! Voting for the 2013 awards and nominations for the 2014 awards both end August 8. The 2013 voting form (for works published in 2012) is here, and the nomination form for 2014 (works published in 2013) is here. If you have any trouble getting to the Cóyotls website, you can also send your votes and nominations via email to (Don’t know what to nominate from 2013? Check out our recommendations thread.)

We remain open to guest blog posts from members! See the guidelines here.

Want to hang out and talk shop with other furry writers? Come join us for the Coffeehouse Chats, Tuesday evenings from 7-8 p.m. Eastern in the forum shoutbox. (Sometimes later than 8 p.m. if we really get going!) It’s an informal way to check in with your weekly writing progress and goals.

And if you’ve got something you need a beta for, we have a critique board in our forum (you’ll need to be registered with the forum in order to view it).

That’s all for this month. As always, send an email to furwritersguild (at) with news, suggestions, and other feedback, or just comment here.

One last question…

Between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s been a decent summer so far for fans of anthro characters. Who’s your favorite anthro movie character of all time? (Okay, you can list a top 5 if you can’t narrow it down to one!)


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