Membership Directory Update Announcement

Hello there Furry Writers’ Guild Members, this announcement is especially for you! We have over 200 members in our guild listings including those with associate memberships. That’s an incredibly impressive number we should be proud of!

The truth of the matter is though, these numbers do not accurately reflect guild activity. We have run into specific issues while trying to do more work to support our members. Some of these things include:

  • Authors changing the handle they go by online
  • Authors changing fursonas in general
  • Authors transitioning in some way (we don’t want to use the wrong pronouns for members)
  • Links now going to dead websites
  • Links going to wrong accounts (having moved accounts on sites like FurAffinity)
  • The email registered with us is no longer accurate (we need this for confirming votes in things like the Cóyotl Awards)
  • Some writers have left the fandom entirely, have stopped writing, or are unable to be found with any information we have.
  • Without an accurate number of membership, running votes for things like changing membership criteria, which require 30% of guild members voting to make changes, is essentially impossible

With these things in mind we intend to do a full update of the guild listings beginning now and ending May 31st. We are asking all members of the guild to fill out this form to remain in our public listings.

>FWG Directory Listing Update Form

When we update our website we will be populating our membership listings to only show those that have updated their information to have a more accurate look at current guild membership. We want to stress no one is losing their guild membership through this. Any member will be free to rejoin our listings even after the deadline.

We sorely need updated information on members to promote them. We also want to show writers that are reasonably active for those that visit our website. Readers of anthropomorphic literature can use these listings to find authors to read and potentially commission, so we want this tool to be strong to help support our members.

To ensure we get the word out on this change we plan to do several things:

  • We intend to reach out to members on all available platforms we have available: email, social media, etc. to inform them of this update.
  • We will keep our previous list so that if any members miss the deadline they will only need to update information to be put up on the website
  • We will be respectful towards members of the guild who may have passed away since their listing was added. We’re hoping to research any names we can and maintain their membership in memoriam. If any guild members know other members specifically to mention, please let us know.

We understand this is a big shake up for the guild but it is important for our continued functioning to do this. We’ve needed to make these updates for a long time so it’s time to bite the bullet and make it happen. Thank you for your continued support! 


5 thoughts on “Membership Directory Update Announcement

  1. Mention is made of a form that I will need to fill out in order to refresh your directory, but no link to the form was given, as far as I could tell.

    1. Hey there, we’ve noticed this has been a bit confusing. The large text that reads: >FWG Directory Listing Update Form is a link to the form to fill out, just give it a click. Hopefully this helps you out!

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