New Guild Presidency And Announcements

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly thankful to be the new president of the Furry Writers’ Guild. We have a lot of things to get to in this big update so let’s get started! As my reign of terror begins (wait perhaps I should have worded that better) I want to first personally thank our previous administration for all the work they have done to keep the guild running. It takes a lot of behind the scenes effort to keep things running smoothly and they all deserve to be applauded for it! 

I outlined a lot of plans within my platform and intend to hit the ground running on getting them going. There is a lot coming down the pipeline, so for now we’re going to give a brief update and give some specific details in the coming days. I’ll try to keep things as brief as possible. So no more preamble, let’s get to it!

Modernization And Updates To The Guild

First we would like to announce our brand new official discord channel! This channel has some fun features including a special beta reading program that you can find details on by joining up. We also have specific discussion channels and plan to host fun events using this new platform. 

We’ll be transitioning from using the Slack channel to using our Discord in full over the next week, so be sure to join if you enjoy our Coffee House Chats. Remember: our discord channel is open to the public, not just members of the FWG so we hope you will all join us there!

Our New Logo!

We will also be updating the website in the coming days; in fact you may have noticed we’ve already made some changes! We have needed A fresh new look will bring some excitement to the guild, and with that comes our brand new logo. I know our lovely fox typing away has been a mainstay of the guild for a long time, but it’s time to give the guild a more modern look. 

Full Update Of Guild Member Listings

Alongside the visual overhaul of the website, we would like to make sure our guild listings are also up to date. We’ve been taking greater efforts to help promote members of the guild and have noticed a lot of listings aren’t up to date, people have changed handles, fursonas, and some links to websites are entirely dead. 

As we have to update the website theme to something currently supported by wordpress, it may involve serious site maintenance as is. There is no better time than now to get this done. Hopefully we can tackle this one and have it done before the end of May. We will be giving a full update on this project tomorrow, but any FWG members wanting to get ahead of the game and submit their updated info can do so here.

A Vote To Amend The By-laws and Code of Conduct

While I was able to win the presidency unopposed, we will still need to hold a vote about updates to the Code of Conduct as well as the Guild By-laws. Some updates are needed in general, like to have a process to decide the Cóyotl Awards Chair as well as add other processes we have needed for some time. We also hope to reorganize officer positions to better define each role as well as officially add roles that were temporarily made during the previous administration. 

Through this, we hope to also make it so volunteering for positions in the future won’t be too large a workload to discourage people from helping. Speaking of, we will likely being reaching out for volunteers to help with things soon so keep an eye out!

We also intend to bring up for discussion and potentially a vote, changes to our Code of Conduct. We would like to consider strengthening it to reflect the values of the guild as well as be in line with what the majority of publishers within the furry fandom expect when receiving submissions. We will have an update with details and a call for a vote coming to you this Sunday.

I understand that this looks like a lot and I cannot lie: the guild is going to be busier than usual as we try to make these important changes. One of my major goals as president is to bring in more active members and have many fun activities for those looking to join our ranks. I hope that by getting us organized proper, we will have a better ability to do this going forward. Here’s to the exciting future of the Furry Writers’ Guild!

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