Ten Ways You Can Help the FWG

(From the Rather Disorganized Desk of the FWG President.)

While the FWG is a relatively small organization right now, as writers’ organizations go, it still takes work to keep us going and growing steadily, both in our membership and in our resources for writers. If the guild has been helpful to you in your writing, here are a few ways you can pay it forward. (Know of other suggestions? Add them in the comments!)

  1. Start a conversation. Post a thread to our forums. (You don’t have to be a member to register and participate there.) Members, make a thread for yourself in the Member News forum to tell us what you’re up to. Chat in the shoutbox. Add a member’s book to our Goodreads shelf, or start a conversation there. The more members and future members we have adding their voices, the better.
  2. Write a blog post. (Yep, this thing I’m posting on right now.) Members, we’re always looking for blog posts on any aspect of the writing life. Full guidelines are here, and remember, we’re also happy to take reprints from your own blog/journal.
  3. Signal boost. This is something everyone can do. Retweeting or reblogging good stuff from our feeds takes just seconds, and signal boosting never hurts. We’re on Twitter as @furwritersguild.
  4. Name drop. Mention in your contributor bios that you’re a guild member. Or link to your member page in a forum signature. (If your member page needs updating, just send the new info to furwritersguild at gmail.)
  5. Help keep markets (and our website) updated. Here’s another one everyone can do. If you run across a publication that might be open to furry-themed fiction or just one you think might be of interest to our writers generally, post it in the Calls for Submissions thread or email me at furwritersguild at gmail. If it’s specific enough to furry writing, I’ll add it to our website’s market pages. Same goes for conbooks — if you know of a convention coming up that’s open to conbook submissions but isn’t yet listed on our Conbooks page, just make a post or send an email, and I’ll get it added ASAP. And if you have any other resources to add to our website, anything from a link to a story generator or writing software or a great writing blog, just let me know. I want to keep adding as many good resources to our website as I can.
  6. Host a panel. Members, consider submitting a FWG-themed panel to cons you’re attending. This could be an informational panel about the guild, a group reading with several FWG members participating, an informal meet-and-greet, or some combination. Or, if you’re already doing other panels, mention in your introduction that you’re an FWG member. We’ve gotten a lot of help from just that type of simple, casual word-of-mouth advertising.
  7. Distribute swag. Another item open to everybody. I still have plenty of FWG bookmarks on hand and can mail out batches wherever they’re needed. You can also print our PDF flyer or our business-card-size ad, and more home-printable resources are coming soon. (And by “distribute,” I mean “leave them on the flyer tables, or where the writing panels are held, or wherever won’t get you or us in trouble.” You don’t have to hand them out personally, though that’s great if you want to.)
  8. Help with advertising. If you know of an advertising opportunity, especially free or low cost, drop me a line. Add one of our images to your website — or design us something new.
  9. Buy our anthology. In print or ebook. Or buy a copy as a gift. Already read it? Write a review on Rabbit Valley or Goodreads (or both, or wherever else). Profits from the anthology’s sales directly benefit the guild, and reviews help visibility.
  10. Make a donation. If you want to know where your money’s going, we have a treasury thread that keeps things transparent. Donations help fund our website; advertising, printing, and postage costs; and current and future projects like the Cóyotl Awards and anthologies.

And as a bonus #11, check out our volunteer wish list for more info on specific items where you can lend your skills.

Thank you to all our members and supporters who help make the FWG such a great resource for furry writers!

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