Book of the Month: Civilized Beasts

civbeasts coverJanuary’s Book of the Month, Civilized Beasts, is a furry/animal-themed poetry anthology with proceeds benefiting Wildlife Conservation Society. The book features work from a wide variety of poets and artists, including:

Larry D. Thomas
B. H. Tang
Kevin Gillam
Chris Wise
BanWynn Oakshadow
Arian Mabe
Marge Simon
Jason Huitt (Lunostophiles)
Eduard Dragomir Szabo
Sandi Stromberg
Renee Carter Hall
Edwin ‘Utunu’ Herrell
George Squares
Amy Fontaine
Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
Winston Derden
Carolyn A. Dahl
Joyce Parkes
Stefano “Mando” Zocchi
Dominique Goodall
David Andrew Cowan
Altivo Overo
Kits Koriohn
Denise Clemons
Jack Warren
Lynn White
Bruce Boston
Laura “Munchkin” Govednik

Published by Weasel Press and available from major retailers in print and ebook formats.

Market Spotlight: Civilized Beasts – a poetry anthology

Furry markets for poetry tend to be few and far between, but a new furry-based poetry anthology has just opened for submissions. Civilized Beasts, a charity anthology, is seeking animal-related poetry of all forms, styles, and lengths.

The anthology will be published by Weasel Press, and all proceeds from the sale of the anthology will benefit Wildlife Conservation Society.

Full guidelines are below. If you have any questions, please contact the editors at the email address listed.

Theme: Animals
Sub-theme: Outside observation of animals, in the mind of animals, symbolism of animals*
Rating: GA
Line Count: Unlimited**
Publisher: Weasel Press
Payment: A copy of the book.  All profit will be donated to charity.
Charity: Wildlife Conservation Society.
Editors: Altivo and Munchkin.  GeorgeSquares, Lunostophiles, and Televassi have volunteered to help.
Submit To:

Guidelines: Size 12 Courier font, .pdf, .doc, .docx. Please include the name of the poem(s) in the subject line. If you are doing anything purposefully different in spelling, punctuation, format, etc. for artistic reasons, please be sure to list them in the body of the email.

Deadline: October 1, 2015 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  Thank you, and good luck!

*The first includes fandom observations, though including fandom-related material is still up for debate.  The last allows for works about sonas, totem animals, spirit animals, etc.  This is assuming we get enough of each variety to warrant the break-up.
*If you send in a short poem, please send in a few so they can be bundled together.  We will be hyper-critical of longer poems since we only have so much room to work with.

Calling all furry poets!

There aren’t all that many open calls for poetry among the fandom’s publications, so I thought this deserved an announcement of its own. [adjective][species] is currently seeking animal- or furry-themed poetry to publish on their site, and they’re open to poetry submissions through the end of this month. Submissions must be unpublished (though having been previously posted to FA, SoFurry, or Weasyl is okay).

You can find all the details here: