Altivo Overo

Altivo OveroAltivo represents a generation earlier than most of today’s furry fans, but he’s having a good time just the same. A professional librarian, he has published non-fiction and fiction under other names but chooses to use his furry persona (a Clydesdale horse) to identify his writings within the fandom. In addition to the story “A Close Port of Call” (ROAR, volume 1, from Bad Dog Books) he has completed two novellas and several other stories. One of the books, Taking Flight, made the first cut in the 2010 ABNA competition but was later eliminated by a reviewer who found talking animals to be an “unbelievable stretch.” Altivo is a moderator on FurRag, where he has posted a number of complete stories and excerpts, and he also posts occasionally at FurAffinity. He and his partner of 28 years live on a small farm in Illinois, with their horses, dogs, cats, and sheep.

Artwork by Miktar.