Laura “Munchkin” Lewis

Laura Munchkin LewisA munchkin cat in ‘sona and a dwarf in truth, Laura “Munchkin” Lewis has learned to embrace all of life’s ‘shortcomings’.  She was born in Hawaii, raised in SoCal, grew up in NorCal, died in Indiana, and was reborn in Washington where she met her better half.  She also met friends there who encouraged her to finally write the stories in her mind for other people to enjoy as well.

Munchkin enjoys her membership in the FWG now thanks to her story “The Cat Thief” from the ROAR 6 anthology, though she is also the author of “Tech Flesh” from the Furtual Horizons anthology and an as yet unnamed short from the upcoming Will of the Alpha: Volume 3 anthology.  Currently she is putting together Fragments of Life’s Heart, an anthology about all the many shapes love can come in.

Stay tuned to this cat’s channel for more stories, poems, anecdotes and the occasional cat-chphrase.

Twitter: @MunchkinRambles