FWG Monthly Newsletter – October 2022

Furry Book Month is here at last! We think all months should celebrate furry fiction, but this is the month set aside to truly show our appreciation. Oxfurred Comma is coming later on this month, and we’ll have some information on that to come, but first let’s get our teeth sunk into what we have coming throughout the month.

Our wonderful community would be much lesser without the publishers who help bring our writing to an audience. Every Furry Book Month, we often see sales and discounts from them. Over the month, we will be updating this page with any specials to help put more books into your hands.

FurPlanet are currently discounting all remaining Goal Publications stock to just $5.
This is while stocks last, so get it quick before it’s all gone!

The Furry Writers’ Guild is trying something new this year – we have put together our first ever Furry Book Bundle! The book bundle includes nine novels from our members, and acts as a great introduction in reading furry novels. All proceeds from this bundle will be shared amongst the authors, with the FWG taking a share to help fund any future endeavours we’re looking towards.

You can find the Book Bundle on Gumroad, and is available for a minimum purchase of $10 – that’s just over $1 per book! A great way to support furry writers! The link to the bundle is here: https://furrywritersguild.gumroad.com/l/FurryBookMonthBundle
Included in the bundle is: John Bailey, J.F.R. Coates, Royce Day, Renee Carter Hall, Gre7g Luterman, R.A. Meenan, Michael H. Payne, Madison Scott-Clary, and James L. Steele.

Should this bundle go well, then you can expect to see further deals in the future! But get in quick, this bundle is only for Furry Book Month!

Later this month, we also have Oxfurred Comma returning. This will be the third iteration of everyone’s favourite online furry writing convention! And if you want to be a part of the fun, then there’s still a chance! If you have a panel you want to share, then please get in contact with us soon to confirm your participation. Panels can be pre-recorded or run live.

And we can’t speak of Oxfurred Comma without also mentioning the Flash Fiction Contest! That’s right, it’s back for another year!
Entries for the flash fiction contest are open to everyone, and should be a maximum of 500 words. There is no theme, but the entries must be furry in some way. The stories must not be erotic, as a PG-13 rating is preferred. All entries should be sent to the Furry Writers Guild email address, with Flash Fiction included in the subject. Entries are to be submitted by October 16th.
The winner of the contest will receive a prize of $25.

There will be more details about Oxfurred Comma over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more information!

As always, we have open markets for submissions, and our new and upcoming releases, so please check them out and help support our writing community – especially this month!

Empire of Beasts – Deadline December 1st
This Is Halloween – Deadline When Full
Furry Femdom Erotica – Deadline When Full
Isekai Me! – Deadline When Full
Children Of The Night – Deadline When Full
Furry/Lovecraftian/Erotic/University Themed Anthology – Deadline When Full
#ohmurr! – Deadline: Ongoing
Zooscape – Temporarily closed for submissions. Reoccurring submission windows.

Please also consider checking out some of the new and upcoming releases from our members.

Tales of Feathers And Flames, edited by K. Vale Nagle. Featuring short stories from multiple FWG members. Released October 7th.

Shapers of Worlds: Volume III, edited by Edward Willett. Featuring a short story from FWG member Jess E. Owen. Released Fall 2022.

The Way To The Lonely Valley, by Frank LeRenard. Available for pre-order. Released soon.

When The World Was Young, edited by Madison Scott-Clary. Featuring stories from multiple FWG members. Released December 1st.

Furry Book Month is a great celebration of the best writing our community can produce. We hope that you’ll get involved wherever you can – reading, purchasing, reviewing, recommending, and, of course, writing!

Join us for Oxfurred Comma, and enjoy the writing we share.
Happy reading!
J.F.R. Coates