Furry Book Month Novel Pack – Call For Submissions

Hi everyone!

I’m delighted to announce that for Furry Book Month we intend to have a story bundle available for purchase – the first that the FWG has produced. If this goes well, it will hopefully be the first of more to come.

To populate this novel bundle, we are accepting submissions to be included for the next two weeks – until September 25th.
To qualify, the story and author must fulfil a few criteria.

The author must be a member of the Furry Writers Guild.
The story must be self-published.
The story must be a novel.
The story must be a stand-alone or first in a series (no sequels).
The story must be furry.
The story must be for general audience (no erotica this time).

In the future, should we run more story bundles, we will look into what we can do in conjunction with our wonderful furry publishers to include works published by them. Authors who retain the rights to their published novels as ebooks may submit. We can also look into erotica stories being included, but for the first to test the waters we wanted to keep the potential audience as wide as possible.

All contributing authors will receive an equal share of the proceeds from this story bundle, in addition to a share going towards the Furry Writers Guild. Depending on numbers received, we may need to curate the total list, as we are aiming for approximately 10 novels in the bundle.

Please send all submissions to the Furry Writers Guild email address, or directly to myself through Telegram or Discord.

I look forward to seeing your entries come in!
J.F.R. Coates