FWG Monthly Newsletter: December 2021

The end of another year is nearly upon us. 2021 has certainly been a dramatic year, one with just as much uncertainty as the one that preceded it. Hopefully it has also come with a little bit more hope that things just might start improving again for 2022.

As the year comes to an end, many of our authors will be looking forward to the furry writing awards. This is the time of year to consider what you have read over the last 12 months that you really enjoyed and to nominate it when the awards open. Many authors will also provide lists around this time of year of what they have published.

For those who are not aware, the three writing awards are the Ursa Major Awards (currently accepting nominations for the Reading List); the Leo Awards; and the FWG’s own Coyotl Awards.

These awards are a wonderful part of the community, and the Furry Writers’ Guild encourages everyone to get involved where possible. This is our opportunity to celebrate the best our writing community has to offer.

Of course, 2022 will be another year with plenty of fantastic furry fiction produced. You can get a head start on the year by considering the current open short story markets:

Felis Futura – Deadline December 31st
Isekai Me! – Deadline When Full
Children Of The Night – Deadline When Full
#ohmurr! – Deadline: Ongoing
Zooscape – Reoccurring submission period (Currently closed until Jan 15th 2022).

A few of our members have also got some work being released around this time. Recently released stories and pre-orders include:

A Wildness of the Heart: Limerent Object and Other Stories, by Madison Scott-Clary. Released November 1st 2021.

Resistance, by J.F.R. Coates. Released November 5th 2021.

Heretic, by J.F.R. Coates. Released November 5th 2021.

The Bee’s Waltz, by Mary E. Lowd. Released November 7th 2021.

Winter Wonders – an anthology featuring guild member Alice Dryden. Released December 1st 2021.

The Archeons Series Omnibus, by James L. Steele. Expected December 2021.

C.A.T.S.: Cycling Across Time And Space: 11 Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories about Bicycling and Cats – an anthology featuring guild member Alice Dryden. Available for pre-order. Released February 8th 2022.

A Furry Faux Paw, by Jessica Kara. Available for pre-order. Released May 24th 2022.

As always, any guild members who want to see their upcoming books included in the newsletter, please let us know! We try to keep up to date with everything, but there will always be some things we miss.

As the last scheduled newsletter of the year, it is only left to me to wish everyone a safe and happy conclusion to the year. Happy holidays!

Stay safe. Keep writing.
J.F.R. Coates