Charles Read Academy Library and Furry Titles

We would like to shout out to Huskyteer for helping to organise this.

The Charles Read Academy in the UK was seeking new YA titles for their library, with a particular focus on queer/LGBTQ+ content. Huskyteer helped arrange things with both Goal Publications and FurPlanet to get a number of furry titles included in this library. By all accounts, they have been a great success so far! The school library wasn’t even able to share a picture of all the books because they were being checked out so quickly!

Not only is it a wonderful thing to see a school library actively seek queer books for their library, but it is great to see young readers enjoying reading them as well. Thank you to the staff at Charles Read Academy for doing this, and thank you to Huskyteer for ensuring that furry fiction has been included.

The furry titles included are:

  • Nexus Nine – Mary E. Lowd
  • The Tower And The Fox – Tim Susman
  • Huntress – Renee Carter Hall
  • Kismet – Watts Martin
  • Koa Of The Drowned Kingdom – Ryan Campbell
  • Beyond Acacia Ridge – Amy Fontaine
  • Of Birds And Branches – Frances Pauli