FWG Monthly Newsletter: Furry Book Month 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to Furry Book Month – the time of year when we celebrate the skill and achievements within the furry writing community. Over the course of the next month, we have Q&As with a number of our community, from authors, publishers, and reviewers. We hope you will enjoy the insights these give into the furry writing process, and that you will support our writers and publishers.

During the month, we will also be using our social media channels to draw attention to any new releases, pre-orders, or sales that often occur in October. Follow us on Twitter if you are not already doing so and get all the latest news from the writing community.

Of course, the biggest part of Furry Book Month will be the return of Oxfurred Comma. We’ve updated the website with all the information about this year’s edition. Panels are still open for submissions, with a schedule going up next week. We hope to bring you an entertaining and informative event, with content coming from a variety of different people.

There are still a few short story markets to keep an eye on, with a few seasonal anthologies nearing the close of submissions dates.

A few of our members also have books newly released, or soon to be released. These are the ones we’ve noticed recently. (And of course, if you think you should be on this list, let us know!)

Furry Fiction Is Everywhere, by Mary E. Lowd and Ian Madison Keller. Released September 10th 2021.
Also available in the NaNoWriMo Tools Storybundle.

A Swordmaster’s Tail, edited by Tarl Hoch. Released October 1st 2021.

A Wildness of the Heart: Limerent Object and Other Stories, by Madison Scott-Clary. Available for pre-order. Released November 1st 2021.

Resistance, by J.F.R. Coates. Available for pre-order. Released November 5th 2021.

Heretic, by J.F.R. Coates. Available for pre-order. Released November 5th 2021.

C.A.T.S.: Cycling Across Time And Space: 11 Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories about Bicycling and Cats – an anthology featuring guild member Alice Dryden. Available for pre-order. Released February 8th 2022.

That may be all for the newsletter, but there is plenty more to come over the next month! Come back to the website every day for Q&As from our talented authors, check out our social media feed, and of course, pop in to our Twitch channel on the 16th and 17th for Oxfurred Comma.
It’s going to be a great month. We hope you enjoy it all.

Stay safe. Keep writing.
J.F.R. Coates