Oxfurred Comma: Flash Fiction & Inclusivity Award

Oxfurred Comma 2021 isn’t too far away now!
We hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend, as we have some wonderful panels planned – with a schedule likely being announced within the next week. (There is still the possibility of more panels being added, so if you have a good idea for one, get in contact with us urgently!)

Of course, Oxfurred Comma is not all about panels. We have a couple of other things that were put in place last year, and we would like to carry them over for 2021.

Firstly, we have the Flash Fiction Contest.
In conjunction with Thurston Howl Publications, Oxfurred Comma will be running a Flash Fiction Contest with the winner receiving $25.00! All stories that follow our guidelines will also be collected within an e-book, which will be distributed for free download after the competition.

We will be accepting one piece of Flash Fiction per entrant. Our definition of Flash Fiction is a fictional story written in 500 words or less. The title does not count towards the word count. There is no genre the submissions must fall under, though we have a theme of HOPE for this competition. Authors may choose their own interpretation of the theme, and do not need to include any justification or reasoning for how their submission fits in the theme. Our only requirements are that the story is 500 words or less and is non-erotic. We want to keep things PG-13 within reason. We encourage everyone to submit, especially BIPOC, disabled, trans, or any other marginalized authors.

Some of these stories will be read during a special convention panel. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

Please send all submissions to the FWG email, with the words Flash Fiction included in the topic.
The deadline for submissions is Thursday 14th October.

Oxfurred Comma will also be presenting the Oxfurred Comma Inclusivity Award (OCIA). This award will be given to a person that has done work to advance recognition for marginalized peoples and groups within the furry writing community.

Last year, the OCIA was given by the Oxfurred Comma staff. This year, we are going to be taking nominations from the public.
All FWG guild members are eligible to nominate someone for the OCIA, though the nominee is not required to be a member to be eligible.
Please send all nominations to the following form: https://forms.gle/hAFDFhVA6ZvLvhod8
The deadline for nominations is Thursday 14th October.

Oxfurred Comma and Furry Book Month are right around the corner. We hope to provide a fantastic month to help and uplift furry writing.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!