Book of the Month: Improbable… Never Impossible by Vixyy Fox

November’s Book of the Month, Improbable… Never Impossible, is written by FWG member Vixyy Fox and illustrated by Cara Bevan.

improbable coverImprobable… Never Impossible is a gentle story about love. It is a children’s story of old with a life lesson of good morals, good reading, and beautiful art like you have never seen. In a crazy mixed up hardened asphalt world it is also a reminder to adults that they were once young with an imagination that could envision anything they wished. Worlds where animals could speak and dressed like people were common place to their hearts. Within the mind’s eye they found a wonderful and safe place where a cat and a mouse could come together in only a way that two hearts were meant to join.

“Come know this place again and find the child you were… never really grew up at all.”

Order from Rabbit Valley.


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