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Vixyy Fox

Vixyy FoxVixyy Fox is a real person. She lives with her mate of over 30 years and six dogs. Her imagination is ever alive and very resistant to being pulled back from constant daydreaming to the responsibilities of real life. This over active imagination allows her to live within the story, writing from the inside out. She has been published in various on line magazines, and has one book (in third printing) in the market; ‘Tales Of The Fur Side’, which was done with artist Dark Natasha.

‘Tales Of The Furside’

‘Tales Of The Furside’ Dark Natasha’s DA site

‘One Last Run’

‘Abra Cadabra’

‘Improbable, Never Impossible’

‘The Dread Pirate Tabor’

‘Reach For The Sky’

‘Reach For The Sky Book 2’


Perhaps one day she will have to choose which world she will live in. (*smiles slyly…)