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Tristan Black Wolf

Tristan Black WolfTristan Black Wolf is the Cheyenne tribal name (and “nom d’furry”) of Tristan MacAvery. Although new to therianthropic fiction, Tristan has nonetheless published several books, a score of screenplays, and numerous stories, articles, comedy sketches, monologues, blogs, rants, and miscellany. One common theme throughout his fiction writing is that of characters – the people, therian or otherwise, whose experiences and emotions and choices make up the stories of their lives. Through these mirrors, whether brightly or darkly, we see ourselves.

“Impossible Things,” a werewolf tale written for Misanthrope Press, was published in their anthology Children of the Moon, released in September 2011. It’s not Tristan’s first furry tale, but it’s his first publication of such works, and he’s continuing to work on still more. His first furry novel, The Man With Two Shadows, was his winning entry in the 2010 National Novel Writing Contest (NaNoWriMo), and he hopes to have it on the shelves for … well, maybe St. Brigid’s Day?

In a less furry life, Tristan has voiced English language dubs for anime, performed in a few student and “indie” films, done a variety of stage work, and has performed and coached improvisation (think Whose Line Is It Anyway?). His book The Improvisation Playbook, published in 2006, was endorsed by actors such as Adam West, William Windom, Russell Johnson, René Auberjonois, and Dean Haglund. He also had the honor of a 20-minute phone call with the godfather of improvisation, Jonathan Winters. “That,” he says, “beats getting an autograph any day!”

He has a SoFurry account where odds and ends and dribs and drabs of his writings are posted; visit him at tristan-black-wolf.sofurry.com/ — let him know if he’s on the right track.

Portrait of the TarotWolf (and yes, Tristan has read Tarot for over 30 years) by Wyndsong. Please visit her gallery at www.furaffinity.net/user/wyndsong. Her work is superlative and the lady is wonderful; do go say hello.