Now available: Tales From the Guild: Music to Your Ears

tales coverThe first FWG anthology, Tales From the Guild, Music to Your Ears, is now available from Rabbit Valley!

There are few things in this world that can invoke the range of emotions that music can. It can bring its listeners close together; it can drive its listeners apart. It is a core mechanic in what makes us human, but what about in those that aren’t quite human? Tales From the Guild, Music to Your Ears features a collection of stories from veteran and newcomer authors alike that span several universes but show that no intelligent creature is immune to the power of music.

Featuring stories by Furry Writers’ Guild members:

  • M.H. Payne
  • Mary E. Lowd
  • Huskyteer
  • Sean Rivercritic
  • Mark Neeley

And soon-to-be members:

  • Mars
  • Nathanael Gass
  • Jess E. Owen

Cover by Ifus


  • Echoes From the Consort Box – Mark Neeley
  • Deep Down Among the Dagger Dancers – M.H. Payne
  • Sugar Pill – Mars
  • Nocturne – Nathanael Gass
  • Night of a Thousand Songs – by Jess E Owen
  • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out – Huskyteer
  • Shreddy and the Silver Egg – Mary E Lowd
  • Melody of a Street Corner – Sean Rivercritic

Available from Rabbit Valley.


Guidelines for guest blog posts

The FWG blog is now open to guest blog posts from members! We’re looking for posts on any aspect of the writing process or the writing life, aimed at any skill/experience level of writer. This can be anything from a straightforward how-to article on craft to something more like a personal/inspirational essay (maybe on an author or work who influenced you, or some meaningful experience you’ve had related to writing in general or writing furry fiction). Topics can be specific to furry writers’ concerns, but they don’t have to be. We’re also open to posts from editors’ perspectives and to interviews of writers, publishers, and editors within the fandom. The specifics:

  • Submissions accepted from current FWG members (writers and associates) only.
  • Length: Open, but 500-1000 words preferred. (Also open to series of posts.)
  • Please include a title for the post.
  • Content should be appropriate for all audiences.
  • Reprints are fine (please provide the link to where they originally appeared).
  • Send submissions in online format (blank line between paragraphs, no indents). One space after periods, please. You can send as .txt, .rtf, or .doc, or in the body of the email.
  • Send to furwritersguild (at), subject line Blog Submission.
  • Response time: Generally within 1-2 weeks. After a month, query.
  • Your blog post will include a link to your page in the Member Directory, so you may want to make sure your bio there is up to date before submitting. (Email updated bios to furwritersguild (at)

We try to post 2 guest posts per month, on the 10th and 20th, depending on the number of suitable submissions received. Any questions, comment here or email us at furwritersguild (at)

The Cóyotl Awards return!

After a much longer than expected (or desired) hiatus, the Cóyotl Awards are back, and we’re hitting the ground running to get caught up. Voting for the 2013 awards and nominations for the 2014 awards are now officially open. Full  information here:

In the forums, we also have a thread for recommendations for the 2014 awards — something members can use to jog their memories about what was published in 2013 and might deserve to be nominated.

All FWG members (writers and associates) may nominate and vote in the Cóyotls. Remember, though — both the 2013 voting and 2014 nominations end on Friday, August 8, so don’t wait too long to make your choices!

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new FWG site — and, by extension, the new FWG blog. There are still a few pages under construction, but those will be taken care of in the coming weeks, and beginning in July, each month this blog will feature guild news and updates, a Member Spotlight, and a guest blog post from one of our members. (If you’re a guild member and are interested in contributing a blog post, see the guidelines here.)

For now, have a look around, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to comment here or send an email to furwritersguild (at)