February Updates – Membership Profiles, Recommended Reading, and Patreon

Hello everyone,

Jumping in here with a mid-month update, as promised at the start of February!

The FWG has two exciting updates to share with everyone.

Firstly, all our members should have received an email advising them of our intention to overhaul and update membership profiles and the recommended reading list. I feel like many members are not using their profiles to their full potential, which I would love to see changed. The Recommended Reading List is also outdated and difficult to navigate, so this will be fully updated and brought into a much better condition.
If you are a member and have not received this email, please get in contact with us so we can update your details and provide you with the necessary links.

In our second bit of news, the FWG now has a Patreon Page. You can find the page by clicking here.
We intend to use this Patreon to help fully fund the guild’s annual expenses, as well as fully covering the costs of running the Coyotl Awards. Any additional money that comes in beyond this will be used to further the reach of the guild and our members. We are happy to receive suggestions for what you would like to see should we reach these funding targets.

With these two important updates, we hope to steer the FWG in a direction that will help benefit its members, but also make it a crucial resource for readers who are wanting to support furry fiction.

Please keep checking back routinely to see the updates to the membership profiles and the reading list as they happen. This will not be an instantaneous process, but one that may take several weeks to complete.

Your support for the guild is most appreciated. We hope to repay this support by encouraging a thriving space for readers and writers alike.

Thank you, and happy writing.
J.F.R. Coates