FWG Monthly Newsletter December 2022

What do you mean, it’s December already?

Welcome to the final month of 2022! From everyone here at the Furry Writers Guild, we hope your year has been safe, productive, and enjoyable. May the holiday season bring positivity to you all.

For some of us, early December means MFF. If you’re there, keep reading this blog to find out where you can find the best books, and then go and have fun! For everyone else, enjoy the weekend and look forward to the holiday period at the end of the month. Hopefully those yearly writing targets are looking achievable.

Of course, for those of you at MFF, we hope you have a fantastic time, and be sure to check out the Dealer’s Den. There are plenty of vendors who will be selling books.
Guild members and affiliate publishers with a presence at MFF include:

Fenris Publishing – Fenris Publishing carries a wide variety of novels, comics, art books, anthologies, tabletop games, and tabletop RPG accessories (dice sets, trays, bags, etc.). We carry products from Fenris Publishing, Bewere Books, Rabbit Valley Comics, Sofawolf Press, Goal Publications, Easy Roller Dice, and a variety of independent and self-published creators. Table M 9-11

FurPlanet Productions – FurPlanet Productions publishes a wide variety of novels, anthologies, comics, and art collections created by the best authors and artists in the fandom. Our catalog includes works by artdecade, Cheetahpaws, Demicoeur, Fluff Kevlar, Kadath, Kaylii, Kyell Gold, Mary E. Lowd, Rechan, Rukis, Scappo, Tsampikos, Ursula Vernon, and more. We also distribute works from a variety of other publishers. Table A 3-6

Gre7g & Kyoht – Furry science fiction, prints, stickers, original sketches, stickers, and bandanas. Table D8

NightEyes DaySpring – I sell books I have self-published and also have swag related to them. I also carry an anthology I co-edited for FurPlanet. (Come here for When The World Was Young). Table G20

Don’t forget there are also writing panels all through the weekend! There are too many to list here, but visit the schedule by clicking here!

For those of us not at MFF, we might as well get stuck into writing! Fortunately, there are a few open anthology calls that might whet the appetite. Why not give some of these a shot?

Dragonesque – Deadline December 31st
Reclamation Project: Year Two – Deadline March 1st
This Is Halloween – Deadline When Full
Furry Femdom Erotica – Deadline When Full
F/F No Erotic Anthology – Deadline When Full
Isekai Me! – Deadline When Full
Children Of The Night – Deadline When Full
Furry/Lovecraftian/Erotic/University Themed Anthology – Deadline When Full
#ohmurr! – Deadline: Ongoing
Zooscape – Temporarily closed for submissions. Reoccurring submission windows. Re-opening December 15th

If the writing bug isn’t biting you during this festive period, then cast your eyes instead to some of the new and upcoming releases from our members. Some of these can be purchases at MFF, with others available for pre-order throughout the month.
We hope you’ll continue to support our authors by helping to share these works, and to give them a rating or review if you’ve picked them up.

The Way To The Lonely Valley, by Frank LeRenard. Released November 2nd.

Return From Divalia, by Kyell Gold. Released December 1st.

When The World Was Young, edited by Madison Scott-Clary. Featuring stories from multiple FWG members. Released December 1st.

Winter of Wonder: Fauna. Featuring stories by R.A. Meenan and J.F.R. Coates. Available for pre-order. Released December 21st.

Don’t Ask Me If I’m Okay, by Jessica Kara (Jess E. Owen). Available for pre-order. Released May 16th 2023.

2022 is almost over. Hopefully the year has been kind – or at least, kinder than some recent years have been. If you’ve achieved your writing targets for the year, then congratulations! It’s tough work to make that happen at the moment, so take the time to feel that achievement.
It’s also the time to start looking forward to what 2023 can bring. What goals will you set for next year? What targets to aim for?
It’s never too early to set those resolutions and give yourself a little headstart.

From me and everyone at the Furry Writers Guild, happy holidays.
We’ll see you again in 2023!
J.F.R. Coates