FWG Monthly Newsletter: July 2022

Sorry we’re a bit late this month – July has really snuck up on me, as it seems to have done for a lot of people. Quite suddenly, we’re more than halfway through 2022.

Of course, as 2022 progresses, that means we’re moving closer to Furry Book Month in October, and that brings with it Oxfurred Comma. We’re not yet in a position to announce more details, but I can promise that everyone’s favourite furry online writing convention will be back for a third edition! Check out this blog and our social media feeds for all the information as it comes.

And speaking of Oxfurred Comma, the free ebook from the flash fiction contest in 2021 is coming soon. Details will be down in the upcoming releases section.

This week brings about a sorrowful anniversary to the furry writing community. This time last year we sadly lost Dwale, a former guild president and a shining light amongst the guild. Dwale was a mentor to many, and a friend to all. We sadly miss its presence.
Dwale’s final work will soon be coming out, after publication was agreed before its passing – we don’t yet have any details on the release, but we will be sure to share what will be a bittersweet event, as Dwale was most proud about this unreleased story as any other.

There are a few ongoing submission calls for short stories, though we have not seen many themed anthology calls at this stage. If you see something that you think can be highlighted by the FWG, then please contact us with information about it!

Isekai Me! – Deadline When Full
Children Of The Night – Deadline When Full
Furry/Lovecraftian/Erotic/University Themed Anthology – Deadline When Full
#ohmurr! – Deadline: Ongoing
Zooscape – Temporarily closed for submissions. Reoccurring submission windows.

Please also consider checking out some of the new and upcoming releases from our members.

Winter Without End, by Casimir Laski. Released Early June 2022.

Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats. Released June 6th 2022. Featuring short stories from multiple FWG members.

Red Pandamonium, by Roan Rosser. Released June 13th 2022.

Jiao Tu’s Endeavour, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt. Released June 16th 2022.

Roar Volume 11, Edited by Ian Madison Keller. Released at Anthrocon 2022.

Opinicus: Gryphon Insurrection 7, by K. Vale Nagle. Released July 1st 2022.

Unfinished Business, by Tim Susman. Available for pre-order. Released July 5th 2022.

Oxfurred Comma Flash Fiction Contest, edited by J.F.R. Coates. Released July 7th 2022.

A Drop In The Motion, by Dwale. Released July 16th.

Nevi’im, by Madison Scott-Clary. Available for pre-order. Released July 21st.

A Furry Faux Paw, by Jessica Kara. Available for pre-order. Released July 26th (Date changed from May 24th 2022.)

Royal Red, by K.C. Shaw. Released July 27th.

Pirating Pups, edited by Rhonda Parrish. Featuring a short story from FWG member Alice Dryden. Available for pre-order. Released August 9th

As always, if there is a story or anthology opening you feel should be shared, please get in contact with us and we can have them added to the list.

Please do check back on this blog and on our twitter feed for updates on Dwale’s final work, and on announcements for Oxfurred Comma.

Until next time, stay safe and keep writing.
J.F.R. Coates