Furry Book Month 2021: Recap

Furry Book Month is coming to an end for another year. Thank you again to all the people who have contributed to the content we have put out over the month – it has been a great experience for us, and I hope that you have enjoyed the interviews, books, and of course, Oxfurred Comma.

Of course, the month isn’t quite over yet, so if you were still looking for a new book to read then there are still a few ongoing deals and sales until October is over. Check out this page here to see what offers are available.

Over the month, we also put out a number of Q&As with the authors, publishers, and reviewers of the furry writing community. In case you missed one, we have a complete list of those posts here:

Of course, just because Furry Book Month is coming to a close, doesn’t mean we stop our work in helping to further furry writing. If you’re using social media, use the #furrywriting hashtag to get our attention, as we regularly check this for some of the latest news and updates from the writing community.

We hope you have enjoyed Furry Book Month 2021. Keep reading, keep writing, and most importantly, keep supporting the furry writing community!
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