Furry Book Month Author Q&A: G.C. Stargazer

Today we speak to G.C. Stargazer and see what she has to say about furry writing and how she produces her serialised fiction series.

Tell us a little bit about your most recent project (written or published). Was there a particular inspiration for it?

Well! I recently had finished my latest serial and one of my readers comment about how they’d like to see the male lead before the relationship. He was a private investigator in the story so now I’m trying my paw at writing a down on his luck, investigator ala noir style in a modern setting. Coincidentally it’ll just be a for fun thing I throw out there, no sex in it, just a little side-story for my fans.

Full-on projects, I’m working on constructing my first paid romance novella called Wanderlust. I’ve also got an action-adventure title that’s more or less done and just waiting on the cover art. Like most of my work, it is adult though, however, both titles involve human and anthro characters, not just strictly furry.

What is your favorite thing about the furry fandom? Why write furry fiction?

Humans are boooooring! Joking aside, there are so many fun things you can do with furry fiction that simply wouldn’t work with humans. Case in point in one of my stories two detectives were investigating an area and could pick up the scent of another suspect they had spoken with lingering in the area. You couldn’t do that with humans. To say nothing of what you can do with sex scenes.

What is your writing process like? Do you outline and plot, or are you a “pantser”?

You kidding? I’m a full-blown pantser in every way. Hell, I don’t know what I’m writing until I sit down and do it most times. Outlines, grand sweeping plot points? Phhtt… I surprise myself and guide the story how my muse wants it done. I do have some inklings of how I want things to go sometimes, but most of it is pure chaos and I love it, it’s like I create it, but I also don’t really know for sure the outcome myself, so it’s the best of both worlds.

What do you consider your biggest strength as a writer?

Probably my ability to keep most of the threads of the plot intact within my own brain. I never make notes, but I do tend to keep the important bits in the memory banks to keep things flowing properly. I do a LOT of proofreading and self-editing though, so everything I write gets burned into my skull.

What is your favorite kind of story to write? Does it align well with what you like to read?

Romance with sex. Not cheesy smutty paperback stuff, no I mean full-on romance with love, passion, hopes, dreams, etc… I don’t want to write characters just banging usually, I want them to feel it, I want there to be emotion and drive behind the act. It does not align with what I read because I don’t read much as a hobby. I’m a creator not a consumer and that is probably a major fault of mine.

Which character of yours do you most identify with, and why?

All of them, there’s a little bit of my heart in every single one from the villains to the heroes. If I had to pick a single one though? Hmm… Probably Sarnai from my Blood & Carrots serial. She’s a vampire stricken with nightmares that are slowly driving her insane and I can totally relate to that since it’s an affliction I’ve had since childhood. Granted it’s also given me crazy inspirations at times, but yeah. Mmm… that might have gotten a little too gloomy, anyway, she’s also moody, vengeful, and super protective of her loved ones, viciously so at times. These are all traits(faults) I myself tend to have.

Which authors or specific books have most influenced your work?

None, I don’t consume much written work or media in general and even less am I influenced by it. The last novel I cracked open and read cover to cover was a Louis L’Amour one, so let’s go with him since I was big on western-style stories as a kid.

What is the last book you read that you really love?

My own. Seriously, even if it sounds vain. I adore my own work and I re-read it just for fun sometimes. I’ve tried reading newer material but I just can’t get into it, I don’t agree with the pacing or a choice the author made, and the whole experience is ruined, so I never finish it. I’m a brat when it comes to what I like/want.

Besides writing, how do you like to spend your free time?

Hmm… I’m a bit of a mixed bag. I like going out doing nature stuff like hiking, I also enjoy gaming with my partner. Sometimes I’ll just chill with my partner and watch sports, I don’t really watch any tv or movies outside of that though, in fact, by and large, I avoid movies and tv shows like the plague.

Do you have any advice to give other writers?

Every, single, day. Do something. Write, proofread, edit, or just read your own junk over again. Do SOMETHING in that vein of your creativity every single day until they put you in the dirt.

Is there anything you would like to see more of within furry fiction?

Ho ho… this might tweak a few tails, but alright. You know what I wanna see more of? Heterosexual and lesbian-style romance stories. REAL romance stories, not smutty little sex fics. We as a community are drowning in boylove and I adore it, I love me some good boy-on-boy stuff, but the market is swamped in it and all I can do is roll my eyes and sigh when I see another one.

Where can readers find your work?

My FA and Patreon have all my past and present serials in them. My paid works will be released later this year, probably to Amazon, then when they ban me for knots, some of the other furry publishers hopefully. :3



Tomorrow we have another one of our publishers giving some insight into the community. We hope you’ll be back then to learn a bit more about them.

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