2020 Cóyotl Award Voting Is Now Open!

The votes have been tallied and we now have the nominees for the 2020 Cóyotl Awards! Voting takes place until April 30th and is open to all FWG Members and Associate Members. The ballot is available here. Here are your 2020 nominees!




  • “The Battler” by Cedric G! Bacon in Even Furries Hate Nazis
  • “Water” by Utunu in The Voice of Dog (Audio part 1part 2PDF)
  • “Summer Strawberries” by Mary E. Lowd in The Voice of Dog (Audio)
  • “Nazis Should Never Be Normal” by Nathan Hopp in Even Furries Hate Nazis



The awards have a long history having spanned over ten years. There are have been many works nominated in that time — 152 total. We thought that with the vote open this year we might share a few fun statistics and facts about the award with you all.

  • 2020 is the first year a new category has been added to the awards since 2013.
  • The 2011 awards separated SFW works from NSFW works for voting.
  • Only three authors have ever had two pieces up for votes in the same category during a single year: Sarina Dorie for Best Short Story in 2012, Renee Carter Hall for Best Short Story in 2013, and Alopex for Best Anthology in 2013.
  • Kyell Gold has had the most works nominated for Best Novel at six novels (eight if you count his works as Tim Susman).
  • Kyell also has been nominated for Best Novella the most times with five nominations but is closely followed by Frances Pauli with four nominations.
  • The authors most nominated for Best Short Story are Mary E. Lowd and Sparf tied at three stories.
  • The late Fred Patten has edited the most nominated anthologies for Best Anthology with a total of four.
  • Gre7g Luterman is the only author to win a Cóyotl Award, a Leo Literary Award, and an Ursa Major Award in a single year for the same work (Fair Trade in 2019).
  • Renee Carter Hall has won the most Cóyotl Awards with a grand total of four. She is also the only author to win two awards in a single year, which happened during the inaugural 2011 Cóyotl Awards.

Hopefully these fun facts were as illuminating as they were entertaining! Don’t forget to be a part of Cóyotl Awards history by voting for our current nominee. Until next time, may your word flow like water.

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