Book of the Month: Fragments of Life’s Heart

Fragments of Life's Heart Cover

November 2016’s Book of the Month is Fragments of Life’s Heart, an anthology edited by Laura “Munchkin” Lewis and Stefano “Mando” Zocchi.

They say Love is the oldest story on Earth, but we don’t have to tell it the same way every time. How many ways are there to explore our feelings that we may have never even considered? Countless fragments of different worlds, all held together by the greatest force of all.

Join us as we explore the many different forms of love—family love, forbidden love, love that embraces what society always taught was wrong. Love can bloom, thrive, and end. Love can heal, mesh, and blend. We’re all Fragments trying to stick together.

Fragments of Life’s Heart includes 17 stories, many of which are from FWG members:

  • “Tending the Fires,” Jess E. Owen
  • “Transitions,” Mog Moogle
  • “The Mistress of Tidwell Manor,” Renee Carter Hall
  • “Yet Time and Distance,” Kris Carver
  • “Polynomials,” Fever Low
  • “Raise Your Voice,” Stefano “Mando” Zocchi
  • “Going Out,” T.C. Powell
  • “Harvest Home,” Altivo Overo
  • “The Foreigner,” Dwale
  • “Trade All the Stars,” Watts Martin
  • “Draw to the Heart,” Ocean Tigrox
  • “Paint the Square-Cut Sky,” Slip-Wolf
  • “Hearth Soup,” Laura “Munchkin” Lewis
  • “Brass Candy Girl,” M.C.A. Hogarth
  • “Footsteps,” Televassi
  • “Rain Check,” Field T. Mouse
  • “The Soul of Wit,” Daniel Lowd

The anthology is published by Weasel Press, and is available from the publisher as well as Amazon, Rabbit Valley and major ebook sellers.


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